Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From a homesick Panhellenic Delegate…

There’s nothing quite like standing in the hall of the Stacy Riddle Forum during Fall Parties, the only contact with your sisters being the sound of their voices carrying out the door between parties, to make you realize how much a group of people can mean to you. I was a teensy bit jealous of each of those potential new members who got to walk in the door and be greeted by one of my sisters. I wanted to walk in the doors and see my sisters’ smiles and get a giant hug TOO!

Ok, ok. Enough of the pity party. I really do love serving Beta Tau on Panhellenic Council, and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to have this office. But, as happens so often in life, good things come with a trade-off. So, I’m taking this chance to reflect on just how important time spent with sisters is to me—and hopefully how important it is to each of you.

Cheesy skit day flashback alert: our chapter room feels like home to me. Really. And when it’s Preference Day and each of you are dressed up in your beautiful cream, I’ll probably tear up a little bit knowing that I’m separated from the experience of hearing “One Voice” by silence. A little ironic, huh?

Moral of this sappy story: I miss my sisters. And I can’t wait to come back on Bid Day and stand in the room with each of you to welcome our PC ’11 baby dolphins. Just promise me you’ll help me meet them all!

Delta love from the bottom of my heart,

Your favorite panny delegate.

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