Monday, March 22, 2010

When I Grow Up...

"I wanted to be a cat."
Mallory Golding is definitely one of THE funniest people in TriDelt hands down. I think we'll all remember that one for a long time.

But yes, we had our new member dance this past saturday, and people showed up in various costumes representing ALL SORTS of things they wanted to be when they grew up! Including but not limited to:

Ninja Turtles:


Superheroes & A Princess:

and A Lion Tamer:

We also had a grandma & grandpa, doctors, teachers, dancers, disney characters, and so so many more. Gotta love TriDelt Creativity.

We are the TriDelts at Baylor University in Waco Texas

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We love dancing, singing, acting, reading, writing, science, math.
We love playing, laughing, smiling, living.
We love life.

This site isn't about updating the world in a formal fashion about our lives. This is the real deal. Our funny stories. Our joys, our pains. Our Pictures. Our recipes, crafts, ideas. Our lives. Our real, everyday lives. Therefore, Welcome to the journey of the Beta Tau chapter of Delta Delta Delta. We're some crazy fun.