Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Groovshark: A New Way to Listen and Buy Music

"Hey girls you HAVE to check out one of my favorite websites: this is the best invention since Pandora. You can type in any song you want to listen to and listen to the whole song for FREE! But wait there's more! You can save playlists that you've made, you can find pre-made playlists, you can listen to their radio (that will play songs related to the one you picked like Pandora), AND you can buy the songs right off of Grooveshark into your iTunes, and you can upload songs from iTunes or other music libraries to expand your playlists. I absolutely love it, it's a great way to get a ton of variety of songs and make different playlists based on your mood without having to actually buy the songs. Check it out! Another website great for random playlists (especially for pump up songs on a Friday night) is ... yes, KSIG boys did show me this surprised? haha Enjoy!

∆Love,Liz Cole"